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PRE-FLIGHT Demo freeware latest version (6.15) - Released on 19th March 2010.

Important Notice: The PRE-Flight demo is now out of date and is unavailable at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Click here to download the PRE-Flight ver 6.15 demo.
See below for download and usage notes, and for alternative sources.

New Features: Advanced Graphical Update.

Important Note:If you get an error on install that mentions a "system file not suitable for running ...", download and unzip this autoexec.nt file into your System32 folder (which is in the main Windows folder of your PC), then re-run the setup again. See PRE-Flight FAQ Page.

Supports: keyboard, 2-axis joystick(Full Version supports up to 8 channels joystick), or up to 16 channel transmitter (full version, using PRE-Flight microphone interface). To purchase microphone interface or Full Version, see this link.

Minimum PC requirements: Pentium 1.0Ghz with at least 512MB main memory, 620MB disk, DirectX ver 9.0, 128MB Video Card. Windows 7/Vista/XP

Important notes:

1)To interface to your transmitter, you will need the PRE-Flight interface (click here).

2)Please read the readme file for the latest info.

3)Visit this website frequently for more models and software enhancements.

4)PRE-Flight ver 6.15 requires Microsoft DirectX version 9.0 or higher. Click here to download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft.

If the main download link above does not work , click here to download the PRE-Flight ver 6.15 demo.

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