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What is PRE-Flight Version 6 like? Is there a video demo?

Does PRE-Flight require a special interface to use my transmitter?

For best performance, PRE-Flight needs the PRE-Flight interface. This enables you to use up to 16 proportional channels from your transmitter. Helicopter models require at least 5 proportional channels while the more advanced planes need 5 or more to control flaps, retractable landing gear, etc. Using your transmitter (as opposed to an ordinary computer joystick) enables you to simulate flying more closely as well as being able to use transmitter features like exponential and dual rates. To obtain an interface, see this link.

What is AirShow?

PRE-Flight AirShow is a special version of PRE-Flight which can host up to 32 remote PRE-Flight players thru the Internet or LAN. AirShow also has the ability to use up to 8 joystick channels so flyers can use the joystick instead of their RC transmitters. To purchase AirShow, see this link.

I get an error on install that mentions a "system file not suitable for running ...",

This is caused by a missing or corrupted file in your PC - probably the autoexec.nt file which usually resides in the \Windows\System32 folder. Note that this assumes "Windows" is the name of your main Windows folder.

Download and unzip this autoexec.nt (click here) file into your System32 folder (which is in the main Windows folder of your PC), then re-run the setup again. .

I can't sucessfully download the install file.

Try again later - the site is probably congested. Perhaps, try at a different time of day. Also, try the other sites in the PRE-Flight download page.

The install file downloads but seems to be corrupted - downloading again does not help.

The "cached" copy of pf.zip maintained by your internet service provider (ISP) is corrupted - contact your ISP and inform them. Or try one of the other mirror sites.

I get the message "A required .DLL file, DINPUT 8.DLL, was not found."

Install DirectX ver 8.0 or higher - see this link: http://www.microsoft.com/directx/default.asp 

PRE-Flight starts but runs very slowly.

Make sure you install the latest "DirectX 8" compliant drivers for your video card. Then re-install DirectX 8.0 (or higher). Also, setting your monitor to 16-bit color (instead of 32 or 24-bit) can speed it up.

PRE-Flight complains about "Switching to software rasterizer".

Make sure you have a 3D accelerator card with at least 16MB memory. Also, install the latest "DirectX 8" compliant drivers for your video card. Then (re)install DirectX 8.0 (or higher).

PRE-Flight starts but all I get is a black or strange-looking screen.

Try setting the number of colors on your display to 16(recomnmended) or 32. If this does not work, a program may be interfering with DirectX. For Win 95/98/ME users, try running msconfig and disabling all Startup programs except systray. If PRE-Flight and other DirectX programs work, then isolate the offending program and uninstall it. Also, this may need the latest video drivers (see above). Or you may have a video card with less than 16MB and/or does not have 3D acceleration.

I can't seem to make my joystick's other axes/channels work.

The demo version of PRE-Flight only supports 2 joystick channels. If you wish to use more you must purchase AirShow (which supports up to 8 proportional channels). See this link

How do I change channels assignments?

1)Select the proper entry under Controls.

2)Press the button under "conf" for desired control (say, throttle).

3)Select the desired channel then press OK.

4)Now press Test and see if the Throttle bar now responds properly - if not repeat steps 2-4.

If the control seems reversed, click on the box under the "rev" column.