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PRE-Flight Features:

  • PRE-Flight Version 6
  • New PRE-Flight USB Controller for faster, more accurate response, as well as more channels for a more realistic flight experience. See this link for more details
  • Uses Advanced DirectX for High-Performance, High-Realism 3D Graphics.
  • Features the Control Wizard which can configure your controls within minutes without guesswork.
  • Aircraft models have moveable control surfaces, propellers, rotors, and landing gear. Only the best simulators have this feature.
  • Control models with the included USB Controller (where indicated) or your own USB Controller or Windows Joystick.
  • Photorealistic 3D texturing with transparency, reflection, shadows, and highlighting.
  • Photorealistic Sceneries capable of reproducing your real flying field.
  • High-Accuracy Physics with over 120 calculations per second.
  • 3D Sound Effects including Stereo and Doppler effects.
  • Model and Scenery Quick Parameters for fast customization.
  • 32-Player Hosting Multiplayer over Internet or LAN - fly or race with your buddies on those rainy days, in your own flying field. No other simulator has 32-player capability!
  • Fully Integrated Model Editor - all parameters fully-customizable - make it look and fly exactly like your models.
  • Fully Integrated Scenery Editor - all parameters fully-customizable - re-create your flying field or back yard.
  • Model Designing Capability - fast change-and-test - ideal for aircraft design.
  • Customizable Scenery Elements (Wind, Thermals, Ground Effect, etc.). Practice flying in adverse conditions.
  • Freely Position Trees, Buildings, People, etc. in any scale.
  • Animated Scenery Elements (like Windmills, Blimps, etc.)
  • Integrated Flight Recorder - for training and web demo videos - can also record TX stick positions.
  • Customizable Simulation Speed from Beginner to Expert - learn to fly at your own pace - unique to PRE-Flight!
  • Integrated Screensaver - share/show off your flying and crashes - unique to PRE-Flight!
  • Free, Downloadable models and Sceneries available from PRE-Flight website - models and sceneries are available for free on a frequent basis!
  • Full software support - via email.
  • PRE-Flight Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000/98.
  • DirectX ver 9 or higher (Note: Windows XP comes with DirectX 8.1; Windows 8, 7, and Vista comes with DirectX 10/11)
  • at least one free USB port for interface
  • at least 1.0Ghz Pentium
  • at least 256MB main memory
  • at least 64MB video card memory with DirectX 8 3D acceleration
  • sound card or integrated sound system optional, sound provided by PRE-Flight USB interface if required
  • Supported Joysticks:

    -Any Windows-compatible joystick which can be calibrated in Windows' Control Panel, Gaming Options. This can be USB, Serial, Gameport, IR, etc. joysticks with up to 8 proportional channels.

    See this page to download the USB checker to test if your controller is suitable.