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PRE-Flight AirShow - List of Controllers

PRE-Flight AirShow Supports the PRE-Flight interfaces (available here) as well as all Windows-compatible joystick-based controllers. By "Windows-compatible", I mean Windows can actually "see" it in the Control Panel, Gaming Options as a Controller and can be tested and calibrated in the Properties Dialog.

The following is a list of AirShow supported controllers:

RC Transmitter Interface.

-PRE-Flight Interface (available here)

Specific Joysticks (Mode 1&2, Airplane/Helicopter).

-RealFlight Controller

-RC Pilot Controller

-Dave Brown Controller (joystick port)

-Gravis Eliminator

-Logitech Wingman Rumblepad

-PS2 controller (for PC)

-CH Flightstick

Generic Windows-Compatible Joysticks.

-2-Axis Joystick (Elevator,Ailerons)

-3-Axis Joystick (Elevator,Ailerons,Throttle)

-4-Axis Joystick, Mode 1, Airplane

-4-Axis Joystick, Mode 1, Helicopter

-4-Axis Joystick, Mode 2, Airplane

-4-Axis Joystick, Mode 2, Helicopter

If you have a specific controller not in the list, email me.

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