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PRE-Flight AirShow - Full Description

PRE-Flight AirShow is the multiplayer version of PRE-Flight. AirShow incorporates advanced, easy-to-use "Client/Server" Technology which allows full multiplayer capability for up to 32 Flyers/Spectators (limited by system power and internet connection speed).

AirShow allows flying with other AirShow users in the internet from anywhere in the world - or in a LAN (local area network). Full model interaction and display (sound, collisions, even control stick positions) are supported. You can even chat with other players.

AirShow features full compatibility with a broad range of controllers, from RC transmitters (using the PRE-Flight interface) to multi-axis joysticks and flight controllers. Click here for list.

The AirShow CD comes with full support and 2 years worth of free upgrades.

Here's a list of AirShow's features (in addition to Standard PRE-Flight features):

-Advanced, easy-to-use Client/Server Technology

-Up to 32 Players/Spectators

-Full Windows compatibility (95/98/ME/2000/XP)

-Internet (IP) compatibility

-LAN (Local Area Network) compatibility

-View Other Player's control stick positions (valuable for instruction)

-Support for comprehensive collection of controllers - click here for list.

-Full Chat Capability

-Fully secure with 2 levels of passwords

-Full sound support

-Collisions with other players enabled

-New Scenes specifically for Multiplayer

-Capable of supporting 2 players on one PC (requires Pentium 800Mhz or greater and 2 PRE-Flight interfaces for RC transmitters)

-Full Program Support (via email)

-Two years worth of free program upgrades

Some uses of AirShow:

-"Buddy" flying

-Fun Flys and Air Shows



-Remote RC Flying Schools

-Internet Chatting (while you fly)

-Virtual RC Clubs and flying communities - recreate your Club's flying fields.

-Model Aircraft Manufacturers - promote your kits!

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