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Buy Now and Save - Drone Edition download - use your Android device as a Free Wireless Controller.

Buy Now - Drone Edition with USB Controller.

The PRE-Flight Drone Edition Download is now included free with every purchase of the PRE-Flight Drone Edition with 8-Channel USB Controller - a $29.95 value.

Get your full copy of PRE-Flight thru quick download - for free - when you order PRE-Flight with the 8-Channel USB Controller - no more waiting for your software.

Important: Please make sure you specify a working email address when prompted - you will be emailed a download link and further instructions after your payment is verified (usually within 48 hours).

The PRE-Flight Drone Edition is a complete package which includes the 8-Channel USB Controller. For more info on the PRE-Flight USB Controller, click here.

For more info on the new FREE PRE-Flight Android Wireless Controller, click here.

In my experience, 50% of beginners totally destroy their RC aircraft in the first week. About 25% destroy them in their first flight. This is a costly exercise, as the typical FPV-capable drone start at around $300 and may cost up to $3000. It does make sense to have some form of FPV (First Person View) and line-of-sight flying Practice without risking a huge investment in money (and time waiting for the goods to arrive).

The PRE-Flight Drone Edition is a special collection of popular drones, like the Parrot Drone and the Phantom, all faithfully reproduced. The Drone Edition also has a set of special FPV sceneries featuring realistic, interesting - and some - challenging 3D elements (like the London Eye and Statue of Liberty). These models and sceneries make the Drone Edition a pleasure in putting a few hours flying experience where it counts - towards a safer, more enjoyable, and less expensive crash-free flying experience.

As an added bonus, the Drone Edition will provide a lot of educational and productive entertainment for your kids and keep them away from the more violent video games.

The PRE-Flight Drone Edition models (all models have configurable on-board cameras and its possible to add more):

  • Amazon PrimeAir Drone
  • Domino's Pizza Delivery Drone
  • Parrot Drone 2 - Indoor mode
  • Parrot Drone 2 - Outdoor mode
  • DJI Phantom 2
  • x525 quadcopter - popular DIY drone
  • Octocopter - Carbon Giant, heavy lifter, high-speed
  • Reaper UAV - scale model
  • Reaper UAV - full scale
  • Walkera UFO - one of the first true drones
  • Walkera UFO - 3X scale for visibility and ease of flying

    Important Note: To operate the cargo-drop function on the delivery drones, activate the Aux3 channel on your controller. For Standard USB controllers, use the PRE-Flight Wizard. For the Virtual Controller, activate the Aux3 channel in Edit Controls. Pushing Aux3 will release cargo; pushing in the other direction will "re-load" the cargo.

    The PRE-Flight Drone Edition sceneries (most sceneries have customizable wind conditions):

  • Target Practice Scenery for accurate cargo deliveries
  • Fireworks - play with fire!
  • Fireworks - Insane - twice the heat!
  • London Eye - animated
  • Statue of Liberty - great for FPV exploring
  • Titanic - explore the outside, and inside of this famous vessel
  • Titanic and Iceberg - on a meeting with destiny
  • Titanic sinking - be in the front seat with FPV
  • 200 Windmills - animated windmills
  • T62 Tank - animated - try to track this intimidating object in FPV
  • T62 Tank - static - not so intimidating

    Also included are all the other models and sceneries in the Standard Edition of PRE-Flight - all of them you can fly with the included USB Controller!

    The Drone Edition of PRE-Flight is available from no other source but Transcendental Technologies.

    The PRE-Flight Drone Edition simulator offers an unprecedented level of performance, safety, and total coolness. Practice FPV and line-of-sight flight. Practice taking Drone Selfies (or "Dronies") and other photography techniques. Fly around obstacles and structures. Track moving objects in 3D FPV. Practice navigating complex environments. Try advanced maneuvers without fear of crashes. Practice in wind and other adverse conditions without expensive, time-consuming repairs.

    The Drone Edition of PRE-Flight will pay for itself several times over just in repairs and lost time. Save money on Drone parts.

    Here is a partial list of features of PRE-Flight Drone Edition:

    -Control models with included USB Controller(requires USB socket on PC)
    -Photorealistic 3D texturing with transparency, reflection, shadows, and highlighting.
    -Photorealistic Sceneries capable of reproducing your real flying field.
    -High-Accuracy Physics with over 120 calculations per second.
    -3D Sound Effects including Stereo and Doppler effects.
    -Model and Scenery Quick Parameters for fast customization.
    -Fully Integrated Model Editor - all parameters fully-customizable - make it look and fly exactly like your models.
    -Fully Integrated Scenery Editor - all parameters fully-customizable - re-create your flying field or back yard.
    -Model Designing Capability - fast change-and-test - ideal for aircraft design.
    -Customizable Scenery Elements (Wind, Thermals, etc.). Practice flying in adverse conditions.
    -Freely Position Trees, Buildings, People, etc. in any scale.
    -Animated Scenery Elements (like Windmills, Blimps, etc.)
    -Integrated Flight Recorder - for training and web demo videos - can also record and playback TX stick positions.
    -Customizable Simulation Speed from Beginner to Expert - learn to fly at your own pace - unique to PRE-Flight!
    -Integrated Screensaver - share/show off your flying and crashes - unique to PRE-Flight!
    -Free, Downloadable models and Sceneries available from PRE-Flight website - models and sceneries are available for free on a frequent basis!
    -Full software support - via email

    To get your copy of the Drone Edition of PRE-Flight with USB Controller, click here.

    To get your copy of the Drone Edition of PRE-Flight for your existing USB Controller, click here.

    See the system requirements, click here.

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