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60 REAL Helicopters (the kind that you're flying now - not imaginary models), 75 planes and other aircraft (including jets, rockets, etc.), plus free processing services to re-create your own flying field as a photoreal scenery.

For a limited time only, the PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition Download is now included free with every purchase of the PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition with USB Controller - a $39.95 value.

Get your full copy of PRE-Flight thru quick download - for free - when you order PRE-Flight with the USB Controller - no more waiting for your software.

Important: Please make sure you specify a working email address when prompted - you will be emailed a download link and further instructions after your payment is verified (usually within 48 hours).

Transcendental Technologies - the makers of PRE-Flight is pleased to present by popular demand -
the Super Helicopter Edition of PRE-Flight(version 6.20 Date: 15th November 2011) featuring the entire helicopter collection of PRE-Flight!

All the helicopters of the Esky, T-Rex, Blade, and Dragonfly Editions of PRE-Flight are now available together as a Giant Collection - the largest of its kind - of 60 RC Helicopters!

Some simulators costing hundreds of dollars may contain only 2-3 real rc helicopter models. The PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition has 60 REAL RC helicopters - the kind that you buy in the hobby shop - not imaginary models, not scaled-down models from full-scale aircraft, or compromised models that have a vague similarity to your helicopter. The PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition models are exact models of the helicopter that you are flying, or are intending to fly.

The PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition is a complete package which includes the PRE-Flight 8-Channel USB Controller. For more info on the PRE-Flight USB Controller, click here.

For more info on the FREE PRE-Flight Android Wireless Controller, click here.

The PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition also includes the "Flyer's Guide to the RC Helicopter" CD Book. Runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP. Note: PRE-Flight enables full control of 6-channel CP helicopters with the 4-channel transmitter allowing 3D manuevers (like inverted flight, etc.).

The Make Your Own Photoreal Sceneries CD Book is now included free with every purchase of the PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition with USB Controller. In addition, your purchase of the PRE-Flight package with USB Controller also entitles you to 3 free Photoreal Scenery Conversions - see this link.

In making this Super Helicopter Edition of PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulator - actual RC helicopters were taken completely apart, each component measured and weighed, to create an exact reproduction in PRE-Flight. The final form of this model was fine-tuned by professional RC fliers to respond EXACTLY like the real thing - down to the way the actual heli slides on its skids just before lift-off. A professional 3D artist was comissioned to reproduce the helicopters from the highly-detailed rotorhead, down to the scale cockpit (click on screenshots below).

E-Flite Helicopters:

Walkera Dragonfly Helicopters:

Heli-Max Helicopters:

Esky Helicopters:

Align Helicopters:

The Simulator comes complete with the 8-channel USB Controller and even has a unique training scenery to test your flying skills before you tackle the real thing. Also included are instructional flying videos which shows the movements of the actual control sticks in various manuevers. Want to instruct a friend to fly? Or want a more experienced flyer instruct you? No problem - PRE-Flight is multiplayer over the internet (or LAN) - up to 32 players - with each player's control sticks visible to other players!

PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition features 60 beautifully crafted virtual 3D models:


-Blade CX3 Super-Scale Twin Rotor
-Blade CX3 Giant Scale (X2) for easy flying practice
-Blade MCX ultra-micro, palm-sized heli
-Blade MCX Giant Scale (X3) for easy flying practice
-Blade CP Pro 2 full 3D-capable
-Blade CP Pro 2 Giant Scale (X2) for easy flying practice
-Blade 400 3D
-Blade CP+
-Stock Blade CP with flat-bottom blades
-Aerobatically Enhanced Blade CP with symmetrical blades
-Super Enhanced Blade CP with symmetrical blades and Bell-Hiller mixing
-New Blade CP Pro with Pro power system and Bell-Hiller
-Super Stable Blade CX2 Standard with counter-rotating Rotors
-Blade CX2 - Military colors and trim
-Blade CX with counter-rotating Rotors

Walkera Dragonfly:

-Walkera 4G3 Micro CP 3D
-Walkera 4G3 Metal Upgrade
-Walkera 4G3 Giant Scale (X3) for easy flying practice
-Walkera 38 Chinook/Sea Knight 4-Rotor
-Walkera 38 Camoflage
-Walkera 38 USA Army
-Walkera Lama 2
-Walkera Lama 2 Giant Scale (X3) for easy flying practice
-Walkera UFO 5
-Walkera UFO 5 Giant Scale (X3) for easy flying practice
-Walkera 4#3 Micro 4-channel
-Walkera 4#3A New Look 4#3
-Walkera 4#3B Metal Upgraded 4#3
-Walkera 5#10 Twin Rotor
-Walkera 5G6 Micro Twin Rotor -Dragonfly #60
-Dragonfly #36 Stock
-Dragonfly #36 Upgraded with Brushless Motor, Li-Po battery, Carbon Fiber Blades
-Dragonfly #22E
-Dragonfly #4
-Dragonfly #5.4 with Twin Coaxial Rotors


-Heli-Max Axe CP-L
-Heli-Max Axe CPv3
-Heli-Max Axe EZ Camoflage
-Heli-Max Axe EZ Blue
-Heli-Max Novus CX
-Heli-Max Novus CX Giant Scale (X3)
-Heli-Max Novus FP
-Heli-Max Novus FP Giant Scale (X3)
-Heli-Max Novus CP
-Heli-Max Novus CP Giant Scale (X3)


-Honey Bee King 2
-Honey Bee CP2
-Lama V4 - Silver
-Lama V4 - Blue
-Co-Comanche - Camoflage
-Co-Comanche - Desert
-Co-Comanche - Army Brown
-Honey Bee FP 4ch
-Lama V3


-T-Rex 450
-T-Rex 450XL
-T-Rex 450SE
-T-Rex 600

Additional models from Standard Edition:

-JR Ergo 30
-Raptor 50
-MS Hornet

All 60 are so realistic that you wouldn't want to crash them - even if you know you can't cause any expensive damage!

Also included are all the other models (planes and helicopters) in the Standard Edition of PRE-Flight - all of them you can fly with the included USB Controller!

The Super Helicopter Edition of PRE-Flight is available from no other source but Transcendental Technologies.

As an added Special Bonus, you also get the Flyer's Guide to the RC Helicopter - included in the PRE-Flight CD. The Guide is a storehouse of secrets and tips on how to get the most out of your RC Helicopter, including topics on: How to Properly Use the Simulator, Getting Maximum Power from the motor and battery, Safety When Flying, When am I ready to fly the Helicopter?, How to Prepare for Flying, and more!

Practice take-offs, landings, and hovering without fear of damage. Get hours of experience before tackling the real thing. Watch unique videos which show how the sticks are moved by experts. Make your own instructional videos for your friends. Try advanced maneuvers without fear of crashes. Practice in wind and other adverse conditions without expensive, time-consuming repairs.

The Super Helicopter Edition of PRE-Flight will pay for itself several times over just in repairs and lost time. Save money on parts. Check out the pictures and screenshots of both Heli and Simulator below.

Here is a partial list of features of PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition:

-Includes 60 Super-accurate Helicopter models - found nowhere else!
-The Flyer's Guide to the RC Helicopter - found nowhere else!
-Special Heli Training Scenery - found nowhere else!
-Training Videos of Pros flying and showing how they move the control sticks - found nowhere else!
-Includes all other models in the Standard Edition of PRE-Flight
-The Simulator Uses Advanced DirectX version 9 for High-Performance, High-Realism 3D Graphics.
-Models have moveable control surfaces, propellers, rotors, and landing gear. Only the best simulators have this feature.
-Control models with included USB Controller(requires USB socket on PC)
-Photorealistic 3D texturing with transparency, reflection, shadows, and highlighting.
-Photorealistic Sceneries capable of reproducing your real flying field.
-High-Accuracy Physics with over 120 calculations per second.
-3D Sound Effects including Stereo and Doppler effects.
-Model and Scenery Quick Parameters for fast customization.
-32-Player Hosting Multiplayer over Internet or LAN - fly or race with your buddies on those rainy days, in your own flying field. No other simulator has 32-player capability!
-Fully Integrated Model Editor - all parameters fully-customizable - make it look and fly exactly like your models.
-Fully Integrated Scenery Editor - all parameters fully-customizable - re-create your flying field or back yard.
-Model Designing Capability - fast change-and-test - ideal for aircraft design.
-Customizable Scenery Elements (Wind, Thermals, Ground Effect, etc.). Practice flying in adverse conditions.
-Freely Position Trees, Buildings, People, etc. in any scale.
-Animated Scenery Elements (like Windmills, Blimps, etc.)
-Integrated Flight Recorder - for training and web demo videos - can also record and playback TX stick positions.
-Customizable Simulation Speed from Beginner to Expert - learn to fly at your own pace - unique to PRE-Flight!
-Integrated Screensaver - share/show off your flying and crashes - unique to PRE-Flight!
-Free, Downloadable models and Sceneries available from PRE-Flight website - models and sceneries are available for free on a frequent basis!
-Full software support - via email

To get your copy of the Super Helicopter Edition of PRE-Flight with USB Controller, click here.

To get your copy of the Super Helicopter Edition of PRE-Flight for your own USB Controller, click here.

See screenshots of PRE-Flight Super Helicopter Edition, click here.

The Super Helicopter Edition also includes all features, sceneries, and models of the Standard Edition, click here.

See YouTube introduction movies, click here.

See the system requirements, click here.

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