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PRE-Flight Multiplayer Page

Explore the World of Radio-Control Flying - with your friends!

Invite your friends (relatives, etc.) to fly with you on the servers below. Chat, exchange notes, teach, learn, and above all, enjoy flying beautiful and accurate Radio-Controlled aircraft, in familiar (or exotic) scenes with your buddies.

It's as easy as starting PRE-Flight Multiplayer, then entering the IP Address of the Session you want! See the Multiplayer QuickStart Page.

See this link to fly Multiplayer on a single PC.

List of Active PRE-Flight Servers by Location (please note scheduled times and dates are local) - if you have any problems, see Multiplayer Troubleshooting Page. To convert local server times to your own time, see this link:

Name IP address Edition Required Additional Requirements Schedule Effective Contact
"Come Fly with Me", Melbourne, Zeppelins and Biplanes, the Zeppelin is a good intro to basic helicopter controls - flies like a slow heli! PRE-Flight ver 2.7 and higher None 10am to 6pm -email Contact for activation July 10 to ... ttransce@bigpond.net.au http://www.preflightsim.com/
"Terry's RC Flying School", NSW, Master the Blade CX2 and Blade CP PRE-Flight Blade Edition ver 2.7 and higher Passwords required to join - see contact email 7pm to 9pm Mon and Fri July 14 to ... terryjbetts@hotmail.com
More Oz Servers Wanted - please see this Page


Servers Wanted - please see this Page.


Servers Wanted - please see this Page.


Servers Wanted - please see this Page.

Other Locations:

Servers Wanted - please see this Page.

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