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PRE-Flight Multiplayer Troubleshooting:

I can't seem to connect.
Check the server Schedule and Effectivity Dates. The server may simply be not available. Note the times and dates are local to the server location. To convert local server times to your own time, see this link.

The Server is running - I still can't seem to connect.
There are 2 possibilities. If you are connected to a router (wireless or wired), the router may have its own firewall. This will have to be configured to allow conections to the server. See below.

The other possibility is that your PC has another firewall active, possibly from your anti-virus software. This will have to be configured to allow connections to the server. See below:

What are the firewall settings needed to connect?
Port Forwarding needs to be enabled. Specifically, Ports 2302-2400, and 6073 must be open for both TCP and UDP messages. You may want to restrict this to only the PC which is running PRE-Flight and only on certain times.

Consult your documentation for your firewall.

The other players' flying seems jerky.
Due to the high speed requirements for smooth flying, the farther the server or the other player's distance from you, the more uneven and jerky the flying would appear.

Consider choosing a server closer to you and your friends' location, or even setting up a server on your own PC for faster and smoother flying.