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PRE-Flight Multiplayer Quickstart

To join an active server, run PRE-Flight Multiplayer by double-clicking on the PRE-Flight Multiplayer or AirShow icon on your desktop.

When the "Join AirShow" Dialog Box comes up, enter your desired name and password (if required by server - see below).

For joining a server in the internet, un-tick the LAN or Local AirShow box.

Enter the IP Address of the desired Server. Enter only numbers or periods, do not include spaces.

Press Join to proceed. It will take from a few seconds up to a minute to connect.

If running Multiplayer for the first time, Windows may come up with an Alert Box asking if you want to Block or Unblock connections from the internet. Select Unblock to proceed.

If it does not connect, go to the Multiplayer Troubleshooting Page

Multiplayer Quick Start:

Once connected, Status at the bottom of the screen will indicate connecting, then initializing, then normal. The screen will show the Scenery of the active server and possibly some players flying around.

You may look around by using Menu View or the F keys (note some of these may be disabled if the scenery is photorelistic). You can also look at individual players by going Menu AirShow then selecting the player's name.

If you wish to fly an aircraft, go Menu Model, and select the desired aircraft. Use your usual controls to fly, or select from Menu Controls. You may change to a new aircraft anytime.

If you wish to chat with other players, go Menu AirShow Chat to open the Chat Box. Type in your message and click Send to broadcast your message to all players. Players must have their Chat box open to receive messages. The Chat box will also announce players as they join and when they leave.

If you wish to see the other players Control Stick Positions (full version of PRE-Flight only), go Menu File, Show Controls. The go Menu AirShow then select the desired player's name. The other player must also select Show Controls AND must be looking at his/her own model (go Menu AirShow, Look at My Model).