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PRE-Flight 3D - Version 4.00 and Higher

Important Reminder: Don't forget to order your high-quality 3D Glasses and unleash the full 3D Feature of PRE-Flight. Get them here.

What is 3D Viewing?
3D Viewing in PRE-Flight is accomplished by merging 2 sterescopic views of the same image such that each eye "sees" the 2 images and the brain perceives it as a single 3D image. This technology allows an ordinary flat screen to have depth and enhances the realism of the simulation. Objects that are nearer or farther are percieved as being near or far - unlike conventional 2D simulators which cannot convey such information.

Actual PRE-Flight 3D screenshot viewable with red/cyan colored 3D glasses. Click image for Youtube 3D Video.

PRE-Flight has 3 modes of viewing:
1)Normal 2D View
2)New 3D View with 3D Colored Glasses
3)New 3D Cross-eye viewing

Click here for Youtube 3D video of PRE-Flight with options for viewing with or without glasses.

3D cross-eye viewing needs no glasses but requires more effort and practice on the part of the user (see below).

The 3D colored glasses mode is easier to use but requires much more computing power from the PC and may result in a slower display - see below for remedies.

What are the system requirements?
PRE-Flight in normal 2D mode requires:
-Windows 7/XP/Vista
-DirectX ver 9 or higher (Note: Windows XP comes with DirectX 9.0; Windows 7 and Vista comes with DirectX 10)
-at least 1.0Ghz CPU
-at least 256MB main memory
-at least 128MB video card memory

However, proper operation of PRE-Flight in 3D mode requires at least twice the above specs - especially when in the 3D Glasses mode.

What do I need to view PRE-Flight in 3D?
3D Cross-eye viewing requires no glasses.

PRE-Flight in Colored Glasses mode requires a pair of inexpensive 3D glasses. These can usually be obtained from PRE-Flight (click here) or from DVD video rental or sales stores for free or as part of 3D movies. You can also get them from cinemas where 3D movies are being shown.

There are 3 possible types of colored glasses so be sure and set PRE-Flight to the type you are using - go Menu View, 3D Settings. Click on the "3D Glasses Settings" tab then select the correct color combination.

These may also be constructed from properly colored-cellophane - see below.

How do I speed up PRE-Flight in 3D?
A quick way is to just reduce the size of the PRE-Flight window.

Another way is to lower the resolution: in PRE-Flight, go Menu View, 3D Settings.
Click on the "3D Glasses Settings" tab then select Medium or Low for Resolution.

How do I make my own 3D glasses?
Glasses can be made by mounting colored cellophane of the proper colors on cardboard frames however the performance of these may suffer greatly unless the cellophane materials are pure and of the exact colors.

Its highly recommended that you get the PRE-Flight 3D Glasses which will work with PRE-Flight. Get them here.

There are 3 kinds of color combinations (show below - left eye color then right eye color):
1) red / cyan
2) green / magenta
3) yellow / blue

Cyan is a combination of colors blue and green. Magenta(purple) is a combination of colors red and blue.

You cannot mix these colors - for example green can only be used with magenta.

You can only use red, green, or yellow on the left eye - do not reverse the colors.

Before using the glasses set PRE-Flight to the type you are using - go Menu View, 3D Settings. Click on the "3D Glasses Settings" tab then select the correct color combination.

How do you do Cross-Eye Viewing?
First set PRE-Flight to Cross-Eye 3D, go Menu View, 3D Split-Screen. Two pictures will appear side-by-side.

Cross-Viewing Method:

1) View the two pictures at a normal, comfortable distance.
2) Make sure left and right eyes at the same level.
3) Put the tip of a finger in between the eyes and the pictures about 150mm (6 inches) from your eyes. Focus your eyes on the tip.
4) Slowly move the finger forward and back until there appear to be only 3 pictures.
5) Shift the focus of your eyes to the central picture without un-crossing your eyes - this takes a bit of practice.
6) The 3D aspect of the central picture should suddenly be apparent.
7) If the picture appears blurry, try tilting your head slightly from side to side so your eyes are level with the picture.

How can I make 3D Videos?
You can make Youtube-ready 3D videos by setting PRE-Flight to 3D Split-Screen:
Go Menu View, 3D Split-Screen.

Set the desired Aspect Ratio: go Menu View, 3D Settings. Click on the "3D Cross-eye Settings" tab then select Normal, or Wide Screen.

Resize the window to the desired size.

Use a screen video capture utitliy like CamStudio by RenderSoft.

The resulting .avi file is directly uploadable to Youtube. Remember to include the tags: "yt3d:enable=true" and either "yt3d:aspect=3:4" for Normal Aspect Ratio or "yt3d:aspect=16:9" for Wide Screen.

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