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PRE-Flight Control Wizard

What is the PRE-Flight Control Wizard?

PRE-Flight's Control Wizard quickly configures any compatible Transmitter to use all available channels perfectly, at the same time adding channels and functions if required. Accomodates Mode 1 or 2, CCPM mixing, 4-16 channels, RC Transmitters (with PFUSB) and USB game-type controllers.

With PRE-Flight's Control Wizard there is NO NEED to manually change your transmitter's settings for CCPM, servo travel reverse, trims, etc. - the Wizard does it all for you in minutes. There is no danger of mis-configuring your Transmitter in flying your actual model - PRE-Flight can adapt to whatever your custom transmitter settings are. (Some Transmitters may require the signal switched to PPM instead of PCM).

Dust off your old, 4-channel transmitter/controller and convert it to a top-of-the-line RC Transmitter for RC Flying in PRE-Flight and save hundreds of dollars on hardware.

Here's some features you'll be adding to your RC Controller/Transmitter:

  • 8-Channels (additional channels can be added manually)
  • Airplane and Helicopter Modes
  • Helicopter Flying Modes: Normal, Stunt 1, Stunt 2, Throttle Hold (Autogyro)
  • 9-point Throttle and Pitch curves (with smoothing) for all Heli modes
  • Helicopter-specific Controls: Gyro Rate
  • Airplane-specific Controls: Flaps
  • Retractable Gear
  • Exponential, 0 to +/- 100%
  • The Wizard will add any or all features to your Transmitter within minutes - all you do is follow the interactive instructions (see screenshots below).

    Not only will the Wizard configure and enhance, it will also inform about various RC concepts and terms. Learn about Helicopter flying modes, what Plane flaps do, what exponential is - a quick run through the Wizard is like spending a few hours with an expert flying instructor!

    I already have a full-functioned Transmitter.
    The Control Wizard will quickly configure PRE-Flight to "learn" all of the functions and channels of your transmitter so you can use them to fly. PRE-Flight can even add functions that you wish to enhance or override so that no matter how advanced or how simple your controller or transmitter is, you'll always be using all the available control features.

    I'm a beginner and know little or nothing beyond the control sticks.
    A few minutes of running thru the Control Wizard will explain the why's and how's of each advanced control feature. Not only do you get a good description in words, but you also get a "feel" for these control functions when you fly in PRE-Flight. Things like:

  • What is Exponential used for?
  • What are Helicopter Modes and what are they for?
  • What are Pitch and Throttle Curves?
  • What are Flaps for?
  • What is Gyro rate?
  • What is Autorotation?
  • OK, I'm convinced - how do I get the Wizard?
    The Control Wizard comes free with every full copy of PRE-Flight.

    Order PRE-Flight with the Control Wizard Now

    Follow instructions on the interactive display.

    Accomodates both Mode 1 and Mode 2.

    Virtual Transmitter shows you what to do.

    Wizard can let your simple 4-channel TX emulate a full-featured, 8-channel TX..

    Exponential from 0 to +/-100%.

    Edit 9-point throttle and pitch curves.

    Emulate extra channels. Even explains RC terms and functions - great for beginners.
    Order PRE-Flight with the Control Wizard Now

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