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Feedback Page.

This a short list of unsolicited feedback from the over 15,000 (as of August 2010) registered users of PRE-Flight in over 50 countries. Thank you!

  • Got my Cable, and the CD and 3D glasses on Monday, finally had some time to plug it in, install and give it a go!
    I was using my USB controller, which conveniently has two analog sticks, but thought things were too easy, once I started using the TX as the controller, it was just like flying for real!
    I can't thank you enough, the sim time I have had with the USB controller has helped greatly, but now using my own TX, it will surely be a great thing!
    Thanks for a great sim with an awesome cable deal, quite worth every penny!

  • Great Item! Worked fine with my 2401, and my JR! Thanks a bunch!!

  • Awsome product.Very acurate for rc training....not a game

  • I'm getting two more copies - one for my son and another for my grandson - thanks!

  • cheaper and better than R********* - how did you do it?

  • awesome FS, I can't be happier and it has saved me thousands in broken parts A++

  • Hi,
    I received my software today, loaded it up, pluged in the Controller and
    flew my butt off for about three hours. This has got to be the best Blade
    sim for the buck on the market!!
    Thanks for the great product!


  • best flight rc once you get it set up and dialed in dont waste 300 4 1

  • easy to use and setup, realistic scenery and handling of models

  • A product almost on par with simulators costing 10 times the amount asked

  • perfect aaaaa_+ and after sale service can't beat that aaaaaaaa++++++++

  • This seller knows how to treat customers...highly recommend...awesome shipping

  • Just what I needed to get off the ground.

  • Excellent Product!! Should save me many Crashes :-) Thanks!

  • Very Nice. I needed this

  • Hi many thanks for the Pre-flight,
    works just great, dont know how you did it,... but it works, and works well.
    love your site, and the things found there.
    Best RC flightsim I have had to date. So give yourselfs a pat on the back for a job well done.
    Again many thanks.

  • awesome simulator very realistic

  • pretty good on the models thanks for the fast shipping

  • one of the best simulators so far


  • Alles SUPER - gerne wieder

  • Great value for money sim. Will save me Many thanks

  • Excellent simulation software!!! Highly Recommended. thanks

  • jolly good

  • Great training program, better than ****. AAA+

  • good stuff that made me practice without crash.


  • First Adapter wich is realy workink !!! Everything is fine, See you soon again !

  • it works great. the product looks like the pictures and works with vista

  • Great way to learn R/C Piloting

  • PARFAIT !!!!!

  • Fantastic price for a great flight sim! Thanks!!

  • super, funktioniert bestens, gerne wieder

  • Just an amazing simulator, increible.

  • This software is a MUST for new rc heli pilots. Will save you heaps in repairs!

  • - works great just like my blade 400 , easy set up, well done

  • Great program, must for any heli pilot

  • Highly recommended product. A 'MUST' buy for new pilots. Thanks.

  • nice sim.. thank you!

  • Wow! Absolut perfekt, der RC-Flugsimulator ist technisch und optisch Spitze. A+

  • Great program, husband LOVES the custom heli options, works great thanks

  • Great Item,you can't beat this for the price.

  • thank you I will recomend you to everone I know

  • Works great,I love it!

  • Great Sim for the CP Pro as described nice work

  • works great a ++++++++

  • Great software! Works very well to simulate RC heli's.

  • Nice Simulator !!!!!!!!

  • item is wonderful..does work like the real thing

  • Works GREAT ! like the real flight sim, But 150.00 cheaper !! Fun Fun Fun !!!

  • Great product, I'll be flying my Trex 600 in no time. Thanks!!!!!

  • Great product - a much cheaper alternative to crashing your heli. Thanks

  • Great Looking Graphics

  • A perfect product with very real simulation.

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