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PRE-Flight is now the best Blade CP/CX simulator you can get! Click here.


Movie: PRE-Flight Introduction

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What's News?

The PRE-Flight Blade Edition is now available and includes the Blade CP, Pro, CX, and CX2. Click here.

Looking for Simulator for your T-Rex Heli? The PRE-Flight Trex Sim is now available and includes the T-Rex 600! The Spektrum DX6/DX6i/DX7 transmitters are also supported. Click here for the best simulator for your Trex Helicopter.

If you already have a USB Controller the Full Version of PRE-Flight is available as a quick download - click here.

Want a sim compatible with the Walkera Dragonfly Helicopter #36, #4, #35, #22E, 36#, 4#, 35#, 22E#, 22E - both CCPM and non-CCPM? Click here.

The Blade CP 6-channel CCPM Transmitter by E-Flite is now supported by PRE-Flight sim. Click here.

Need a Specific Model in PRE-Flight for your Club or Company? Have a Custom Model made up for a very reasonable cost! Click here.

3D Photorealistic ScreenShots! See New 3D Photorealistic ScreenShots Page.

Fly in your own Virtual Flying Field Find out how to re-create your flying field - visit the PhotoField Page.

Official PRE-Flight Screensaver now available for free downloading! See Other Downloads.