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Order 3D Glasses for PRE-Flight

For a limited time only - free pair of 3D glasses with purchase of PRE-Flight! (conditions apply) Click here

Quality 3D Glasses for PRE-Flight

These are top quality Red / Cyan paper 3D Glasses - ideal for use in PRE-Flight. The lenses in our 3D glasses (anaglyphic) are manufactured to a very high standard and are perfect for 3D viewing.

When it comes to viewing 3D images, the quality and more importantly the colour of the lenses in 3D glasses is vitally important to getting the best 3D effect. Don't be fooled into buying cheap 3D glasses as there is an extremely high chance that the manufacturer has cut costs by using low quality lenses such as extruded PVC that aren't as clear and are not precisely colour matched giving you an inferior 3D effect.

The dyed polyester lenses used in our 3D glasses offer supreme quality, high clarity and are precision colour matched. This guarantees you the best 3D effect available out of a pair of paper 3D glasses bar none.

You can get a single pair of glasses for personal use or a six-pack for multiplayer sessions, flying instructions, demonstrations, or just plain sharing.

Choose the desired option from the following list: (Note: All prices in US Dollars. Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal accepted thru secure 128-bit SSL encryption.)

One Pair of PRE-Flight 3D Glasses...$1.95 - Sorry Not Available

Six Pairs of PRE-Flight 3D Glasses...$9.95 - Sorry Not Available

Plus Postage and Handling to anywhere in the world (add to all orders of PRE-Flight 3D Glasses) - $ 5.00. Save! Only $5.00 total postage for multiple items!

Click on the links above or if you prefer fax or airmail, email me using this link ttransce@bigpond.net.au and request an order form.

Print the order form using Microsoft Word then fax it to:

+61-3-9574-9167 (Australia)
Note: Above fax is for ORDERS ONLY - any other communication may be delayed.

Or send it by airmail to:

Transcendental Technologies
Suite 148, 66 Kingsway
Glen Waverley Vic. 3150

Please make sure all information is filled in, including your email

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