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Order PRE-Flight Flyer's Guide to the E-Flite Blade CD Book

The Flyer's Guide to the Blade is a specially written CD Book which shows, step-by-step, the How-Tos and Why's of flying an RC electric helicopter.

Based on the advanced Blade CP, but is applicable to most electric helicopters, it is written by experts with the novice in mind and includes training based on PRE-Flight's Blade Edition.

The Flyer's Guide to the Blade covers vital topics like:

-How to Properly Use the Simulator
-Getting Maximum Power from the Motor and Battery
-Safety When Flying
-When am I ready to fly the Helicopter?
-How to Prepare for Flying - and more!

(Note: All prices in US Dollars. Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, or Paypal accepted thru secure 128-bit SSL encryption.)

PRE-Flight Flyer's Guide to the Blade CD Book...$15.00

Plus Postage and Handling to anywhere in the world (add to all orders of the Flyer's Guide to the Blade) - $ 5.00. Save! Only $5.00 total postage for multiple items!

Click on the link above or if you prefer fax or airmail, email me using this link ttransce@bigpond.net.au and request an order form.

Print the order form using Microsoft Word then fax it to:

+61-3-9574-9167 (Australia)
Note: Above fax is for ORDERS ONLY - any other communication may be delayed.

Or send it by airmail to:

Transcendental Technologies
Suite 148, 66 Kingsway
Glen Waverley Vic. 3150

Please make sure all information is filled in, including your email

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