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Order Honeybee CP2 RC Helicopter

(Note: All prices in US Dollars. Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, or Paypal accepted thru secure 128-bit SSL encryption.)

Honeybee CP2 - complete and ready-to-fly, plus the PRE-Flight Esky Edition with the Flyer's Guide to the Esky CD Book ...$129.95

Plus Postage and Handling to anywhere in the world (add to all orders of the Honeybee CP2) - $ 48.37.

Here is the Best Kept Secret in the RC World - the Honeybee CP2 from Esky. Why? It's the improved "clone" of the most popular Helicopter in the world - the Blade CP Pro - which currently retails for over $249USD.

Like the Pro, it features true Collective Pitch CCPM and Bell-Hiller mixing (unlike the less responsive systems of lesser helis), Symmetrical main rotor blades for aerobatics and inverted flight, and much more. This helicopter is READY-TO-FLY and COMPLETE - all you need is 8 AA-size batteries for the included transmitter. It even comes with it's own charger for the helicopter's rechargeable battery pack.

Don't mistake the Honeybee CP2 for other small helicopters. The power, size, weight, and overall design of this helicopter makes it a lot more stable than the smaller helis on the market. It's "big heli" design allows maintenance and upgrades without the major headaches associated with most smaller helicopters.

Included in this unique package is a full copy of PRE-Flight Esky Edition complete with Interface cable for the Honeybee transmitter. This in turn, includes a copy of The Flyer's Guide to the Esky for free - a total value of $69.95!

Included in the PRE-Flight Esky Edition is a PRE-Flight Honeybee CP2 model which duplicates the Honeybee CP2 exactly - this unique model is available only with the PRE-Flight Esky Edition!

See pictures of the Honeybee CP2 as well as screenshots of the PRE-Flight Esky Edition here.

Here is a list of features of the Honeybee CP2 RC Helicopter:

* No assembly required - just charge and fly.
* CCPM and Bell-Hiller mixing for lightning fast cyclic response
* Symmetrical main rotor blades for aerobatics and inverted flight
* 3-cell 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po battery pack and a DC Li-Po charger
* 6-channel FM radio system with CCPM and Idle Up flight mode switch
* Unique 6-channel FM receiver, plus advanced 3-in-1 control unit with main motor and tail motor ESCs, mixer and gyro
* Upgradability with brushless power systems and heading lock gyros
* Sturdy, shock-absorbing main gear
* Sleek, Paintable canopy
* Light, durable body frame
* Shipping carton doubles as a sturdy transport box

But wait - we said "improved" clone - here is a list of advantages of the Honeybee CP2 over the Blade CP Pro:

* 1000mAh Li-Po battery pack - the Pro only has 800mAh. The Honeybee's 1000mAh pack results in more power and longer flights.
* The Tail Assembly of the Honeybee is secured by screws - not glued on like the Pro's. This means that replacement and modifications are easier and cheaper.
* The Servos of the Honeybee are also secured by screws - not taped on like the Pro's. This means more rigidity and therefore, faster control response in Collective and Cyclic (as well as ease of maintenance).
* Larger Main Rotor Diameter - 530mm versus 515mm for the Pro. This translates to more flying capability.
* Lower cost of spare parts - lower maintenance costs and upgrades.

Here's whats in the box:

* Fully-assembled, Fully Tested, and Fully-trimmed, ready-to-fly Honeybee CP2 Helicopter
* 6-channel full-function RC Transmitter - available in different Frequencies and Mode - See "Options" section below to specify
* 3-cell 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po battery pack
* Charger for flight pack
* Factory English Manual

Plus, you get:

* PRE-Flight Esky Edition Full Software with Unique serial number
* 6 Channel Interface cable for your Honeybee Transmitter

Click here to see buyer conditions - buying this item means you agree to these conditions.

Click on the link above or if you prefer fax or airmail, email me using this link ttransce@bigpond.net.au and request an order form.

Print the order form using Microsoft Word then fax it to:

+61-3-9574-9167 (Australia)
Note: Above fax is for ORDERS ONLY - any other communication may be delayed.

Or send it by airmail to:

Transcendental Technologies
Suite 148, 66 Kingsway
Glen Waverley Vic. 3150

Please make sure all information is filled in, including your email


The transmitter is available in different frequencies and mode:
* Transmitter Frequency - 35Mhz (Europe and Australia) or 72Mhz (USA and Canada)
* Transmitter Mode - Mode 2 (throttle on left stick - recommended) or Mode 1 (throttle on right stick)

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