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PRE-Flight Upgrade to Ver 3.17 - Free Download Patch

What is this patch for?.
The patch upgrade to version 3.17 addresses the problem that some Transmitters have when the signal level is higher than expected by the PRE-Flight USB Interface. This may result in "jittery" channels or the controller is not detected. This upgrade autodetects this situation and adjusts the input to avoid the problem.

The patch is recommended for all users of the full version of PRE-Flight.

Who can use the patch?.
The following can use the patch directly without any hardware considerations:

  • All users of the full version of PRE-Flight version 3.00 and higher
  • All users of the full version of PRE-Flight version 2.70 to 2.99 who are using a joystick-compatible controller (not using the microphone cable)
  • Who may have issues using the patch?.
    All users of the full version of PRE-Flight version 2.70 to 2.99 who are using the older microphone-based cable will be unable to use their microphone cables directly on version 3.00 and higher.

    PRE-Flight version 3.00 and higher use the new PRE-Flight USB Interface for their transmitters. If you wish to use this patch and wish to continue using your microphone cable, you have to buy the PRE-Flight USB Interface which is provided at factory cost (plus postage and handling) - see this link to order the PRE-Flight USB Interface.

    How do you apply the patch?.

  • Exit PRE-Flight.
  • Download the patch by clicking on this link.
  • Open the pf317patch.zip file and extract the 2 files into the PRE-Flight install folder. Typically, this would be:
    C:\Program Files\Transcendental Technologies\PRE-Flight
    or similar.
  • Overwrite the old pf.exe and pfm.exe files.
  • PRE-Flight can now be re-started.

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