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PRE-Flight Upgrade to Ver 4.11 - Free Download Patch

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What is this patch for?.
The patch version 4.11 enables your full copy of PRE-Flight to display full 3D .

The patch is recommended for all users of the full version of PRE-Flight.

Who can use the patch?.
The following can use the patch directly without any hardware considerations:

  • All users of the full version of PRE-Flight version 3.00 and higher
  • All users of the full version of PRE-Flight version 2.70 to 2.99 who are using a joystick-compatible controller (not using the microphone cable)
  • Who may have issues using the patch?.
    All users of the full version of PRE-Flight version 2.70 to 2.99 who are using the older microphone-based cable will be unable to use their microphone cables directly on version 3.00 and higher.

    PRE-Flight version 3.00 and higher use the new PRE-Flight USB Interface for their transmitters. If you wish to use this patch and wish to continue using your microphone cable, you have to buy the PRE-Flight USB Interface which is provided at factory cost (plus postage and handling) - see this link to order the PRE-Flight USB Interface.

    How do you apply the patch?.

  • Exit PRE-Flight.
  • Download the patch by clicking on this link.
  • Open the pf411patch.zip file and extract the pf.exe file into the PRE-Flight install folder. Typically, this would be:
    C:\Program Files\Transcendental Technologies\PRE-Flight
    or similar.
  • Overwrite the old pf.exe file.
  • PRE-Flight can now be re-started.

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